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 Damn • Mérimée [Micro]

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Age du personnage : 137

Niveau de magie :
  • Moyen
Niveau de combat :
  • Moyen

Métier : Chamane
Résidence : le Tardis

MessageSujet: Damn • Mérimée [Micro]   Damn • Mérimée [Micro] Icon_minitimeDim 5 Juil 2015 - 15:57

You grumble. The pouring rain doesn’t improve your mood. You could take a sun bath at Omois but you’re stuck there, waiting for a girl you might have to kill. Well, this part is actually pretty cool. That will pepper your day. But you hate the rain, ‘cause you smell like a wet dog and your hair curl. Also, your mission is boring. Check someone’s intentions is way too easy. Maybe Magister wanted to punish you because of the stupid TV show. Well, then Keylo must suffer way more. That thought makes you smile. Luckily, you’re suppose to meet the woman at the inn. In spite of your uncontrollable desire to snuggle up in the corner of the fire, your sensitive eyes force you to stay miles away. And you wait, try not to fall asleep. You don’t even know how she looks like. You just know her name. Merimee.

Weird name by the way. Well, Sixteen’s name’s weird too, and you like her despite it. But this girl’s not suppose to be your friend. She’s just a potential recruit. A potential recruit that you’re tired of waiting, for fuck’s sake. She’s not really late actually, but you had to come early, and it’s been hours now. It feels like centuries. Maybe it’s been centuries, who knows ?

© charney

Damn • Mérimée [Micro] L9ftruf
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Damn • Mérimée [Micro]
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